Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Strawberry Milkshakes

This week, instead of raiding the pantry I went to the big chest freezer in the garage.  I dug around in there a while, coming out every now and then to avoid frostbite, and finally emerged with a big bag of sunshine.

Well, not literally.  I found a bag of the strawberries that we picked at the farm and then saved in sugar syrup in the freezer.  Strawberries are notorious for spoiling quickly and being difficult to preserve unless you are making jam.  I have found that the best way to preserve them whole is the sumberge them in a sugar solution and freeze them flat in plastic bags.  When you are ready to use them just break off a chunk and run them under cold water to rinse off the sugar.  The strawberries won't be anything as fabulous as fresh berries.  They will be sort of mushy but they will still have great fresh strawberry flavor and are good for baking or making shakes!

The secret to great milkshakes - LOTS of ice cream, LOTS of strawberries and just enough milk to get the blender going.

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