Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hi and welcome!  Since we are just meeting I want to tell you a little bit about myself.

I used to just be a foodie.  I ate everything that came my way, even something that wouldn't be considered food in some places.  I visited restaurants that the health department probably should have condemned.  I ate my way across Europe just by pointing at random dishes on the menu.  I had dinner parties in my little apartment where I cooked food from India to Italy and everything in between.  And I love almost all of it.  (The tuna pizza in Germany being one notable exception.) 

And then I had a baby....

and then another..

and then one more.

Suddenly, going out to a nice restaurant was out of the question.  Gallivanting across Europe??  But I didn't want to give up my foodie ways.  And so Foodie Mamma was born.  I still cook ethnic and unique dishes.  I encourage my kids to be adventurous eaters (with varying degrees of success).  And I still love trying new foods.

Let me introduce you to the family:

This is my oldest son.  He is a true foodie in the making!  He will eat just about anything that crosses his plate His favorite dish is Vegetable Curry.  (Of course he did go for an entire year during which the only thing he would eat were hot dogs....but that is past us now.)

This is my middle son.  He is out picky eater.  He has never met a meal that he likes, at least until he tastes it.  Getting him to eat can be a challenge, but we soldier through the best we can.  His favorite food is ketchup.

This is the baby.  His culinary tastes are a total crap-shoot.  Some days he eat anything in front of him. Beans, steak, broccoli, he eats it all with gusto.  Other days he won't even allow such foods on his high chair tray.  They must be immediately swept to the floor lest they offend his delicate sensibilities.  His favorite food is milk (and not that cow stuff either).

This is by husband and co-conspirator.  He is a fabulous cook because he can follow a recipe to the letter.  If a recipe calls for dark brown sugar, you damn well better believe that light brown isn't going to work for him.  Never mind the fact that it takes him four hours to make spaghetti.  His favorite food is real, smoked barbecue.

And this is me.  I am a fly by the seat of your pants, throw it in the pot and hope for the best kind of cook.  I can never make the same dish exactly the same twice.  Generally, my chaotic cooking works out just fine....but sometimes not.  My favorite food is anything that doesn't make a million dirty dishes.

So there you have crazy little world with the kitchen at that center.  I hope that you will stop back and see what we get ourselves into next!

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