Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dessert Samosas

I was having a conversation the other day about samosas.  I had just learned the technique and was thinking about variations.  I have mentioned before that I am a fly by the seat of my pants, try anything once kinda gal...some people --- not so much.  I began musing about the possibility of dessert samosas, I was told that that was a foolish idea....whatever would I put into them??  I just couldn't be done!!

Well my friends, I know a challenge when I hear one!

First I had to decide on a suitable dessert type filling.  I asked a number of experienced cooks, including Shyama's mother and got a number of interesting ideas. I decided that I wanted a fruit filling, something that didn't really NEED to be cooked, but that would hold up to the quick frying that give a samosa it's crispy goodness.  Bananas seemed like the perfect solution.  But I needed something more...something chocolaty.  It tool me about a half a second to decide to add some Nutella.

Once I had all the ingredients sorted out it was time to start cooking....

1.  Cut the spring rolls into thirds.  I cut about 10 at a time.  I also keep them wrapped in a damp paper towel or else they will dry out and be hard to fold.

2.  Slice the banana and then cut each slice in half.   Mix about a tablespoon of four with enough water to form a loose paste.

3.  Using 2 sheets at a time, fold according to the illustrations below.

4.   Put about 5-6 banana slice halves into the pocket, and a little squirt of Nutella.  I found that the best way to get the nutella in there was to pipe it in using a plastic bag with a corner cut off. 

5.  Complete the folding process, make sure to glue everything up with your flour paste.

6.  Fry those suckers up until they are a lovely golden brown.  As you can see from the photo below I am the world's most pathetic fryer.

7.  Once they are done frying put them on a paper towel for a few minutes to drain off the excess oil.

8.  Try to wait until they are cool enough to eat without burning your tongue.

It only takes a few minutes to fry them up and if you have a deep fryer you can probably put quite a few in at a time.  The frying crisps up the outside, melts the nutella a little but and makes the bananas wonderfully warm and just a little mushy.  I highly recommend eating them as soon as they are cool enough, but they will keep nicely for a few hours.

Folding Instructions:
step 1:  Lay a double layer of spring roll wrapper on your work surface

step 2:  Fold one corner over so that the top corner touches the lower edge.  Using your flour paste, glue the flap to the back.
step 3: fold over the remaining side until there is nothing left to fold.  Glue it all down liberally. 

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