Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oven Repair and Guilty pleasures

First, let me be clear that oven repair is NOT one of my guilty pleasures.  I'm twisted, but I'm not that twisted.

My oven is STILL not working.  2 visits by a appliance technician, countless calls to the unpleasant woman who answers the phone at Betty's Appliance Repair, a complain to Maytag and almost $300 later I am right back where I started from. 

Not my actual repair man!
The guy came to fix the oven last Thursday.  It took him less than 20 minutes and everything seemed fine (though in retrospect, I'm now certain the the oven was not actually fixed.)  I was so excited to have my hotbox back that I started baking.  One batch of cookies and 24 hours later and the oven quit on my again.

I called the company back, irate, and demanded that someone come right back out and fix it again.  I was told that someone would be by on Wednesday (I don't do irate or demanding very well it would seem.)  When the guy arrived I was told that something ELSE had gone wrong and that the repair would cost me another $400.  Right then and there I shut the whole operation down. I wasn't going to pay almost $700 to repair an oven that less than 3 years ago cost me $700. 

This brings me to the guilty pleasures part.  I was so irate, so incensed, so totally ticked off that I had to run out and indulge in one of my less attractive guilty pleasures.

Two things about this photo.  First it was taken in the car.  This is where I indulge in such things, I remove all traces of evidence before returning home.  Second, I have expunged it from my iphone.  If pressed I will disavow all knowledge.

I think that I'm going through baking withdrawal....

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