Friday, October 1, 2010

Technical difficulties

We are having so technical difficulties here at chez foodie.  It seems that our oven has stopped working.  This would be the MAYTAG oven that we purchased only 3 years ago.  When Mr. Foodie called MAYTAG about our broken oven he explained that since an oven is considered a durable good it should probably be a bit more, you know, durable.  The service technician was not particularly helpful.

So we went to the enormous home improvement warehouse, where we had originally purchased to oven. (I'm not sure what Mr. Foodie expected to accomplish here, but I went along for the ride.)  Similarly, the salesperson there had little to offer.  When we were told that next time we may want to buy the extended warranty I nearly had to restrain Mr. Foodie to keep him from pummeling the man with a burner grate.

So now we are deciding if we want to pay nearly as much to have it fixed as we did to originally buy it or if we want to buy a new one.

I'm pushing for a new Wolf 60 inch dual oven gas range.  A girl can dream can't she?

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